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21.    The Boy That Time Forgot auf CD
A lost world. A prehistoric civilization. A dark secret. The Doctor and Nyssa find themselves transported from Victorian London back to the dawn of time, accompanied by debonair adventurer Rupert Von Thal and no-nonsense novelist Beatrice Mapp....

22.    Time Reef auf CD
A curse on this damned reef - and curse the Doctor who brought us here! Drawn by the siren call of a distress beacon, the TARDIS crash-lands on an uncharted time reef.... von Marc Platt and Jonathan Morris .

23.    Cobwebs auf CD
“You know what cobwebs mean. Spiders…” In search of a cure for a sickness that’s so far claimed six billion lives, scientist Nyssa arrives at an abandoned gene-tech facility on the toxic planet Helheim. ‘Hellhole’, more like. Nyssa’s not alone....

24.    The Whispering Forest auf CD
The TARDIS arrives in alien woodlands, where a small group of humans hold tight against the the menace of the Takers – strange creatures who come by night to spirit away members of their settlement....

25.    The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories auf CD
The Demons of Red Lodge by Jason Arnopp A long, dark night in 17th century Suffolk for the TARDIS travellers – when they find something nasty outside the woodshed.... von Jason Arnopp, Rick Briggs, William Gallagher and John Dorney.

26.    The Girl Who Never Was auf CD
'Dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. Someone's listening. Somewhere.' A ghost ship. A girl with no memory, adrift in time. An old enemy. This could be Charlotte Pollard's finest hour - or her last. Set course for Singapore, 1931....

27.    and The Pirates auf CD
All aboard, me hearties, for a rip-roaring tale of adventure on the high seas! There'll be rum for all and sea shanties galore as we travel back in time to join the valiant crew of the good ship Sea Eagle, braving perils, pirates and a peripatetic old sea...

28.    Der Zinker auf CD
Edgar Wallace, AirPlay Entertainment GmbH

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