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Alan W. Lear and Gary Russell
Minuet in Hell

Originaltitel: Minuet in Hell

Doctor Who - Teil 19


The Doctor; India Fisher (Charley Pollard; Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart; Robert Jezek (Brigham Elisha Dashwood III; Morgan Deare (Senator Waldo Pickering; Helen Goldwyn (Becky Lee Kowalczyck / Catatonic Woman; Maureen Oakeley (Dr. Dale Pargeter; Nicholas Briggs (Gideon Crane; Hylton Collins (Orderly; Barnaby Edwards (Scott / Catatonic Man; Alistair Lock (Guard; Jacqueline Rayner (Catatonic Woman; Nicholas Pegg (Catatonic Man Paul McGann

Hörspiel - 2 CD(s) / 120 Minuten
Big Finish

ISBN-13 978-1903654057

The twenty-first century has just begun, and Malebolgia is enjoying its status as the newest state in America. After his successful involvement with Scotland's devolution, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart has been invited over to Malebolgia to offer some of his experiences and expertise.

There he encounters the charismatic Brigham Elisha Dashwood III, an evangelical statesman running for Governor who may not be quite as clean-cut and wholesome as he makes out. One of Dashwood's other roles in society is as patron of a new medical institute, concentrating on curing the ills of the human mind. One of the patients there interests the Brigadier - someone who claims he travels through space and time in something called a TARDIS.

Charley, however, has more than a few problems of her own. Amnesiac, she is working as a hostess at the local chapter of the Hell Fire Club, populated by local dignitaries who have summoned forth the demon Marchosias. And the leader of the Club? None other than Dashwood, who seems determined to achieve congressional power by the most malevolent means at his disposal...

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