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Eddie Robson
The Raincloud Man

Originaltitel: The Raincloud Man

Doctor Who - Teil 116


The Doctor Colin Baker
Charlotte Pollard India Fisher
D. I. Menzies Anna Hope
Brooks Michael Fenton Stevens
Lish Aidan J David
Carmen Octavia Walters
Kelsa Simon Sherlock
Tabbalac Leader Jeremy James
The Bouncers Steven Hansell
The Cyrox Andrew Dickens

Hörspiel - 2 CD(s) / 120 Minuten
Big Finish

ISBN-13 978-1-84435-325-5

Having just defeated the Krotons, the Doctor is treating Charley to a hearty English breakfast, when an intriguing mystery suddenly presents itself. And to solve it, they must plunge back into the criminal underbelly of Manchester, where an old friend is up to her neck in alien trouble.

But what seemed like a mere mystery ends up being a life or death struggle at the centre of an interplanetary war in which the stakes are so high, the Doctor or Charley must gamble and lose their identity. And throughout, the lone figure of the Raincloud Man may hold the key to success or failure.

Main Doctor Who range subscribers whose subscription includes this title will receive the complete Doctor Who audio drama Return of the Krotons absolutely free. The adventure is written by Nicholas Briggs and stars Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and India Fisher as Charley. Return of the Krotons is also available to buy separately.

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