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Neues F.A.Z.-Hörbuch: Finnland. Von Lappland über Karelien bis Helsinki

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Doctor Who: The BBC Radio Episodes

Doctor Who

Hörspiel - CD(s) / 550 Minuten
BBC Audio

ISBN-13 978-1-4084-6756-5
EAN 9781408467565

A special box set containing each of the Doctor's full-cast BBC Radio adventures – plus the 1975 made-for-LP audio adventure 'Doctor Who and the Pescatons' and the 1994 spoof 'Whatever Happened To... Susan?' 'The Paradise of Death' (First broadcast 27 August 1993):When a horrific death occurs at Space World theme park, the Brigadier and UNIT are called in – accompanied by the Doctor and Sarah Jane.'The Ghosts of N-Space (First broadcast 20 January 1996):The Brigadier's great-uncle Mario seems unsurprised by the spectres that haunt his ancient Sicilian castle. But when the Doctor comes to investigate, he finds himself in great danger...'Doctor Who and the Pescatons' (First broadcast 27 August 1993):The TARDIS's arrival on a lonely beach at night marks the beginning of a terrifying adventure on present-day Earth for the Doctor and Sarah Jane.'Exploration Earth' (First broadcast 4 October 1976):The Doctor takes Sarah Jane back in time to witness the Earth's development: only to find that the existence of Mankind itself is in danger!'Whatever Happened To... Susan?' (First broadcast 11 July 1994):A tongue-in-cheek look at how Susan's life might have turned out after her adventures with the Doctor.'Slipback' (First broadcast 25 July 1985):The TARDIS materialises in the service ducting of the Vipod Mor, a huge craft floating in deep space. The console has detected time spillage, and the past and future history of the entire Universe is at risk...

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