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Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol

Hörspiel - 2 Kassette(n) / 90 Minuten
Radio Theatre ISBN 1-56179-530-5

Inhalt (Originalversion):
"Marley was dead ... dead as a doornail, in fact. This must be distinctly understood or nothing wonderful can come of the story you're about to hear ..."
Ebenezer Scrooge had a heart colder than winter and a spirit dreary as the London fog. It's been said even blind dogs crossed the street to avoid the man who preferred the company of money to all else. But, as Scrooge would soon discover, some of the world's most profitable riches aren't found in bank accounts.
There in his gloomy chambers, supposedly secure against surprise, Scrooge is about to have Christmas Eve company --- and there's not a caroler in the bunch. Four ghostly visitors usher him into the most horrifying nightmare he has ever seen ... his own wretched life of utter selfishness.
Join the most miserly curmudgeon ever known as he ponders a potentially frightful fate --- and realizes that the joy of giving to others is a treasure far outweighing anything you can hoard.

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